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Connecting TeamSpeak Identities Between Devices

In order to join the Hypixel TeamSpeak on a different device you need to use the same TeamSpeak identity. This guide will show you how to share your identity between devices.

TeamSpeak has the ability to create an account with them and sync your dentities and servers between any of your TeamSpeak clients. This includes sharing between your cell phone and your computer. Option 1 is using a TeamSpeak Identity. Option 2 shows how you can export and import on your computer.

An Identity is your individual information on TeamSpeak. Sharing this with other people allows them to "become you" on TeamSpeak. Do not share this information with other users as it is dangerous to give all of your TeamSpeak permissions to someone else.

Option 1: TeamSpeak Account (Recommended)

  1. Go to the TeamSpeak website to register an account.
  2. Create an account with a secure email account and strong password. Verify the account by going to your email.
  3. Log in on your TeamSpeak clients by going to Options/Settings and choosing myTeamSpeak/Account. It will automatically sync all information between the clients. 
    1. Computer: 
    2. iPhone: 

Option 2: Classic

Exporting from your Computer

  1. First, you will want to locate Tools in your TeamSpeak taskbar. Click on it and locate Identities
  2. Open Identities to see your current available Identities. If you have never created additional Identities, Default will be the one you are using for the Hypixel TeamSpeak.  Note: The Unique ID will not be empty for you. 
  3. Right click on Default and click Export. Be careful with this file, it is all of your TeamSpeak information wrapped up in one convenient package. Sending this to anyone would mean they could take all of your TeamSpeak information. Clicking Yes will download your TeamSpeak Identity. 
  4. Name it and save it! You now have a copy of your TeamSpeak Identity that you can use on another computer or cell phone.

Importing to your Computer

  1. First, follow step one and two from above to get to Identities
  2. Next, right click in an empty area in the Identities area. Choose Import and locate the saved file of TeamSpeak you would like to start using. Note: TeamSpeak files end with the file extension ".ini". 

If you have any issues with your TeamSpeak, please contact the Hypixel Support Team.

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