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Basics of a Thread

The Hypixel Forums allows users to post threads in different sections.

You can share ideas, suggestions, videos, questions, and jokes! This guide is here to help understand the basics of making a thread.

 Step 1. The Section

We first have to figure out what section our thread belongs to. Each section has a different purpose, so make sure you know generally what they all mean!

  • News and Announcements: This section provides all of the latest updates regarding the network.
  • Official Hypixel Maps: This section is for players to preview and download our official Hypixel maps.
  • Punishment Appeal: If you are currently banned on the Hypixel Server or Forums, please go to this section to create your appeal. Make sure to read all the threads that relate to your ban!
  • Server Bug Reports: Reports of Hypixel Server or Hypixel Website bugs.
  • Apply For Staff: This section is for applications for Helper. If you wish to apply for staff on the Hypixel Server, please make sure to read all threads available to you. This helps you make sure you meet all the requirements before applying.
  • Games sections: Content related to individual games unless appropriate elsewhere.
  • Hypixel Server Discussion: Content should be related to the Hypixel Server in general.
  • Community Help Forum: Questions relating to Hypixel or Minecraft in general.
  • Ideas and Feedback: Any suggestions and feedback for the server or website.
  • Guilds: Guild threads and related content.
  • MVP++ Lounge: (Only visible if you have MVP++) This section is for content related to the Hypixel server but only available for MVP++ and higher.
  • Off Topic: Threads that aren't appropriate in any other section.
  • Introduce Yourself: Where people can introduce themselves to the community.
  • Hypixel Events: A place for player hosted events on Hypixel. Any official public event hosted by staff will be pinned in this section.
  • Community Creations: A place to show off creative content or create it for others.

This is just a brief summary of the different sections on the Hypixel Server. Choose one that fits your needs!

 Step 2. The Creation

Now that you have your section, you will want to start writing it! In the section of your choice, click "Post New Thread" in the top right corner under the search bar.

You will now be brought to a new page where you can begin writing. On this page, you can give your thread a title, post body, and poll. You also have the option to watch your thread and receive email notifications. The title can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it is appropriate and relates to your main idea.

 Step 3. The Post Body

Every thread needs words or images to describe the title. In your thread, you can say what you want to say (as long  as you remain following the Hypixel Server Rules). The Hypixel Forums gives you basic text options like Bold, Italic, Underline, Change Text Color, Change Text Size, and Change Font. You can also hyperlink words, change your paragraph alignment, add lists, and add indents. 

If you want to add media to your post, you have the option of adding pictures or videos into the thread. 

These different options can all be seen at the top of your main writing section. Highlight over the icons to see what each of them can do.

Threads can also have spoilers and quotes to help keep your thread tidy. A spoiler is a section of your thread that users can click on to view. A quote is a piece of writing from another user that you want to include in your writing.

To use a spoiler, put [SPOILER] at the beginning of your spoiler section and [/SPOILER] at the end of your section. To use a quote, you will have the option to add quotes in the bottom right of your post body creation.

While writing your thread, make sure that your ideas remain to the point but they still get your idea across. 

As mentioned early, you can add a poll to your thread. A poll helps gain opinions on a question that relates to your thread.

 Step 4. The Posting

Once you are done with your thread, you can hit "Create Thread" at the bottom or you can preview what your thread will look like by hitting "Preview".

Once the thread is posted, you can wait for other users to see it and interact with it. Users can react or reply to your thread. Reactions can be seen in the bottom right of a users comment.

The available reactions for all users are:

  • Thumbs up: If you like the thread, then you can give it a thumbs up.
  • Thumbs down: If you didn't really like the thread, you can give it a thumbs down.
  • Green check mark: If you agree with the poster, then give it an agree!
  • Red x: If you don't agree with the poster, then let them know with a disagree.
  • Laughing face: If you find the content of the thread to be funny, give it a funny.
  • Hammer and Wrench: This is for any post you find useful or beneficial.
  • Rainbow painting: This is for when you find the post to be creative.
  • Train: This is the Hype Train. If you are hyped, then hop aboard!

When users reply, you can reply back to them or quote something they said by clicking "Quote" or "Reply" at the bottom of their comment. Posting a comment is the same structure as posting a thread itself!

And you are done, you have posted your thread. You can keep an eye on your thread for new replies and reactions. If you allowed notifications about your thread, then you will see an alert in the top right of the Hypixel Forums.

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