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How To Report Rule Breakers

Using /report command will send reports of players to the Staff team for review and possible punishment.

The Hypixel Help Desk cannot process reports. Please use the methods listed below.

 Rule Breaking Report

 Command '/report [Player's IGN]'
/report is your way of reporting other players who you suspect of using blacklisted modifications, being disrespectful of others, or simply breaking the rules.

Cheating or blacklisted modifications reports
These reports sends Hypixel's Cheat Detection system, known as Watchdog, an alert that the user you reported may be cheating, and also notifies moderators that are on the server for them to review as well.

Chat violations/Scam reports
Once you sent a chat report, the system logs the chat before and after the report was made, and sends it to our staff members for review.

 Replay: right-click on a player you want to report during a replay and click on the anvil 

• Build Battle/Pixel Painters reports:  right-click the barrier or anvil in your inventory during the voting phase.

As soon as the Hypixel Staff team dealt with your report you will receive a message in chat on the server that informs you about it.

Additional links to help with reporting:

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